Saturn Square Mars

Saturn Square Mars Natal

Whether it was your choice or forced upon you by circumstances (like a physical challenge of some kind), you've learned to move through the world in a very disciplined way. You value not making extraneous, impetuous moves. But you're equally susceptible to resentment about moving ahead at a slower-yet-steadier pace than others are progressing. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that “your day” will come. You're more inclined to think about what you don't have than what you do possess. And what you likely have in greater supply than many around you is grit and determination. Your anger, even rage, at having to overcome obstacles others were able to avoid or easily navigate is unlikely to inspire help from others. But you can't wholly neglect those feelings, either. Instead, use the combustibility of your fury for your diligent plodding along, not for lashing out at others.

Saturn Square Mars Transit

Circumstances seem to hobble or limit you in a tangible way. This might not only frustrate you, but anger you as well. You likely want to strike out at something or someone about the injustice of it all. But expressing your irritation and ire that way will only complicate your relationship with others and squelch your prospects for getting what you want. Instead, view your current challenges as a test of your confidence and readiness to move forward. Fear can easily usurp your competence. Yet, your grit and determination couldn't be better if you give yourself over to a task that commands your full faculties and abilities. For instance, a long-term project that requires a good deal of stamina, planning, and even lonely nights or days. You have not been cursed or abandoned by kinder and better times. When you're resolute and sincere about your goals and destination, your hard work and movement through the muddle of mixed or discouraging messages from others will pay off.

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