Saturn Sextile Sun

Saturn Sextile Sun Natal

Often, you learn a lot about what to do and what not to do by proxy and observation. For instance, perhaps you had older siblings who offered advice, and you could gauge and modify your behavior by noticing how your parents responded to their actions. This suggests that you will often act only after you've had a chance to see someone else do it, or following sufficient amounts of research. This allows you to follow a tried and tested path, but it might not allow you to seize opportunities that are unprecedented for you or others. Because you have respect for experience and genuine knowledge, you generally get along with older people and authority figures. But you may require a lot convincing from others to achieve positions that let you showcase your abilities and earn more of what you (and they) are worth.

Saturn Sextile Sun Transit

Take careful notice of what higher-ups say and do now. Or study more of what successful people in your field of interest do to achieve what they have. But don't let your observations stay in your head. Talk them over with colleagues or other established experts on the topic. Evaluate without too much harsh judgment about yourself, your habits, and your efforts at improvement. Fortunately, others are also taking notice of you and your discipline and determination. It's possible that authority figures will share their wisdom with you, but they might also bestow more responsibility and opportunities for you to increase your experience. You will need to have the courage to try, to risk failure. It's likely you won't feel prepared—and you might not be prepared. But you'll only get better with experience. And there's only so much you can rely on others and what they say before you must see how you make an approach or task your own.

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