Saturn Conjunct Uranus

Saturn Conjunct Uranus Natal

Yours is a life constantly contending with a “new normal.” More than a few times, you have likely experienced a series of upsets to the structure and stability of your life. Early in life, this possibly led you to adapt to new environments, people, and situations quickly. But as you age, what can happen regularly is that you set an internal alarm to detonate any relative calm and solidity in your situation—even when there's no external threat of change. This is largely because you don't trust anything to stay constant. And with your life experience, there's a good reason for that. But you must learn when to tweak minor changes, and when to revamp everything in your life from the floor up. Otherwise, you could end up reinventing the wheel and going nowhere. This, of course, means you must have room to experiment. And sometimes, you'll have to defy someone to do it. Yet, once you've learned to rhythmically tune your life, you'll move through life gracefully.

Saturn Conjunct Uranus Transit

Your life is probably going through a reset. It'll feel like a hard reset, if you feel you must suddenly break for the door from what has been an oppressive situation. This is a more plausible idea if you have plans and arrangements in place to make quick moves. If you don't, then this will have to be more of a soft shift—which will likely frustrate you. But working with Saturn transits often requires you to be disciplined and patient. Making superficial, thoughtless changes will only leave you rootless. And though you might need to pull yourself up by the roots, you must also be clear on where to resettle. Ultimately, you're seeking changes that must happen more within your mindset than externally. You will have to slay fear first, as that's usually “the mind-killer.” And you need the inventiveness of your mind to work around the resistance and obstructions you experience within and without.

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