Saturn Trine Venus

Saturn Trine Venus Natal

You're likely a person of honor who does not make frivolous commitments. You might even say that you're loyal to a fault, once your loyalties are given. Fortunately, you're also pretty discriminating with your tastes. You don't like just anyone. You recognize quality in people and appreciate the people who spot quality in you. Yet, you strive to be cordial and fair to all. You're also talented when you lend your fine, fair eye to anything related to arts and crafts. But love and demonstrations of the heart are generally fuzzier for most people than the straight (and often narrow) lines you might dutifully draw. You can easily come to believe that you should give someone more than what's due to them, because you feel you owe them. Or you think one level of commitment, especially early in a relationship, necessitates more down the line. You must learn that all relationships have moments when they can be renegotiated.

Saturn Trine Venus Transit

In your intimate and professional relationships, you're able to achieve a rare equilibrium of give and take. It's likely that you've pruned out all the relationships that either extracted more from you than you could yield, or exhausted all that you could draw from them. Relationships that have been loosely determined or casual might become more defined or formalized through marriage, engagement, or clear demonstrations of commitment. You're also inclined to stoically accept any responsibility you have toward someone or something, like a pet, that's desperately in need. This is, of course, honorable—but only if you're the kind of person who feels good and fulfilled by doing your duty. If you normally require more enthusiasm, sparks, and feelings of genuine love, then think carefully before you take on a charge that could be longer-term. You might not be able to sustain either the interest or the commitment for long.

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