Saturn Trine Moon

Saturn Trine Moon Natal

When younger, you're grounded and often wise beyond your years. This typically facilitates you assuming more responsibility than your childhood peers. You're self-reliant, and can comfortably spend time alone or connect with others as necessary. It's frequently hard to throw you off your solid emotional foundations. But that's not only because you look at life reasonably. You also tend to blunt your own emotional responses, or even defer them indefinitely, until you feel you can or want to engage them. By extension, you might manage people in your life the same way. Everything could easily happen on your timetable and on your terms, when it's not an emergency. This perhaps prompts people, especially family or intimates, to wonder how important they are in your life. You might not even take the time to know that yourself, or express it enough when you do.

Saturn Trine Moon Transit

If you've experienced strong psychological turbulence in recent years, you’ll likely feel emotionally stable and healthy now. You feel neither overly excitable nor despondent about anything. And you'll find it a favorable time for working on projects or tasks alone. Or equally, be spared feeling any unusual or significant annoyance in collaborating with others—even if they're occasionally difficult. Yet, it can also seem as if your emotional responses are muted. So much so that you have trouble feeling any strong highs or lows, even when necessary and appropriate. You're able to function well, but don't allow yourself to embellish and flourish with a full palette of feelings. This possibly leaves even your dearest loved ones questioning their importance in your life. They might even feel like you're going through the motions (rather than the emotions) with them. Your heart, on the other hand, could teem with love and appreciation for them. But to keep your equanimity, you won't let them know. That's probably not worth doing.

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