Saturn Square Mercury

Saturn Square Mercury Natal

You tend to think heavy thoughts. So heavy, in fact, that if you're not careful they can weigh you down and drop like granite blocks into casual conversations with others. Yet, your ponderous nature suits you well for activities that require you to be exacting, thorough, clear, and certain. You're often serious, yet incisive. You don't necessarily do as well with more imaginative or free forms of thinking. You want to get things right, and you think other people should too. And that's where life often seems to go wrong. There's a rigidity to your thinking that sets people (and you) on edge, especially if they disagree with you or try to be more interpretative of rules and codes than you are. Then you can become needlessly fussy over details, when there's a larger, more harmoniously emotional moment happening. Soften the razor-sharp edge of your intellect and measure more what's happening from your heart.

Saturn Square Mercury Transit

There’s likely a lot on your mind, and you're prone to thinking about it deeply. In fact, you might worry more instead, believing that you're thinking. Worry almost never produces anything, but planning and detailing the factors of a problem frequently will yield results. Honor that difference. Likewise, be exacting with things, situations, data, facts, and measurements. But you'll need to use a different tack when discussing sensitive or emotionally-charged issues with strangers, intimates, or colleagues. It's not enough to be right, because you might just come off as rigid. It's more important to pinpoint opportunities for connection, especially emotionally, rather than focusing on what separates you. Those disconnects will vary with different people, yet you likely won’t feel that way with everyone. If you're only attentive to how nobody measures up to your standards, then there might be nobody with whom you are simpatico, and you end up alone and feeling lonely.

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