Saturn Trine Pluto

Saturn Trine Pluto Natal

Like various salts do on food and snow-crusted pavements, you're able to effect subtle yet powerful changes. It might take you a long time both to understand and learn how to best use your gifts as indicated by this aspect. You have a quiet persistence with what you desire that doesn't yield, but also doesn't petulantly demand or complain. You know your own mind and motivations, in ways that others don't seem to know or understand the workings of their own minds. This eventually allows you to explain what's happening between people, or even within themselves. Then you can guide them toward what they want. Most importantly, because you tend to focus on what's most essential and necessary, you're adaptable with whatever methods you use to fulfill your goals. Since your effectiveness might intimidate others, you're not necessarily everybody's flavor. But you won't lose much sleep worrying about such people, either.  

Saturn Trine Pluto Transit

Your perceptions of the workings of human nature and possibility are sharp now, including into your own. That won't lead to wasteful navel-gazing, though. Instead, you’ll settle into deep and useful insights on your own motivations and those around you. This is especially true if you pursue psychotherapeutic work of almost any nature now. This inner work permits you to become a subtle, yet powerful change agent in nearly any institution or with individuals. You're inclined to see how more things work in tandem than in isolation. Likewise, you're able to stay focused on what the essential issues are with nearly any given situation, and easily adapt your methods—but not your objectives. Be sure, though, not to assume you know what’s best for other people without their assent or knowledge. Otherwise, they might see you as intimidating and feel they’re being manipulated rather than supported.

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