Saturn Trine Ascendant

Saturn Trine Ascendant Natal

You're respected for what you know, and usually generous with your knowledge. You enjoy learning about the world and being a purveyor of understanding and wisdom. You might also become an authority in a field that's far-reaching in its scope or nature—philosophical, creative, abstract, exploratory, and involving diverse peoples and backgrounds. Perhaps you’re best suited as an administrator or position that allows you to design and be responsible for how others learn and play. Yet, preferring to manage and rely on what others say and do, you likely resist getting in the trenches of fun and experience yourself. You're not necessarily scared to do it, though you enjoy the stability of staying on the sidelines a little too much. But you will really understand a lot more about what and who you manage when you dip your toes into experiential waters every now and then.

Saturn Trine Ascendant Transit

Others might recognize you now as a reliable font of knowledge and a secure sounding board for ideas and thoughts. You're often happy to fulfill this role for friends, family, and loves alike. You feel needed and appreciated, and it's not necessarily too taxing on your own time and energy. Likewise, you easily draw people into your own life who freely share information and knowledge with you. This could be beneficial—that is, if you were inclined to do more on your own with it. You likely have plenty of ideas and projects of your own. But you possibly cater more to the concerns and problems of others as a way of avoiding your own creative challenges and ideas. It's easier to coast along as coach, cheerleader, and promoter than to allow someone else to return the favor for what you want to do. Open yourself up to that reciprocity.

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