Saturn opposite Mars

Saturn Opposite Mars Natal

Consistently, you must figure out how to assert your authority in contrast or collaboration with someone else's. Sometimes you don't have the patience to think about all of that. Then you're possibly shut down. Feeling capped, your frustrated ability to press on will likely transform into anger and possibly even rage. You can easily lose sight of whether your frustration is warranted or not. It also might not even matter who originally hooded your attempts at self-determination. You can become angry at nearly anything or anyone who annoys you or complicates what you strive to do. And that's where you'll continually come to run into more complications and problems. You must learn to discipline your will in such a way that it's not only precise and effective, but you're using it more for long-term objectives than short-term gains or ego-gratification. Focus less on what you're denied, and more on how you can achieve what you desire patiently and persistently.

Saturn Opposite Mars Transit

It's easy to be frustrated and feel stuck for the duration of this transit. This frustration will likely build up into a mound of anger, which could unjustly explode at the wrong time and with people who've done you little or no harm. You can slow the build of your wrath by finding constructive ways to express it, like exercise or coming up with a long-term game plan to achieve what you want. It's also important to think more carefully about what you're trying to achieve. Some measure of the resistance you're encountering is not without merit. You might need to refine or better define what you're trying to do. Likewise, you could be doing what you're doing for the wrong reasons, like ego-gratification, or in some way that's not aligned with your own principles and ideals. If you're willing to be more consistent and disciplined in your approach with clear and sound objectives, then you're more likely to reach them now. You have what it takes.

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