Saturn opposite Moon

Saturn Opposite Moon Natal

You have nearly no choice but to be earnest about your feelings. Since you often wonder if you'll be fulfilled and receive the nurturing you crave, you're perhaps always in a tangle about your emotions and needs. You likely feel this way because you didn’t receive the support and care you wanted in your childhood. You often had to figure out ways to rely on and fend for yourself. This won't incline you to be warm and fuzzy on the homestead—just the opposite. You either lean too hard on Saturn's exacting and demanding ways, figuring it's best for others to be as self-sufficient as you are. Or you strive to control those you love in the name of caring for them. Ultimately, strive to become better at adjusting imbalances of give and take in a relationship as they arise, rather than relying on expectations and duty.

Saturn Opposite Moon Transit

It's hard enough to contain your own feelings, much less manage anyone else's. You've perhaps done too much of that, and it’s possibly how you came to the set of impasses you're likely facing. You might feel stonewalled by several relationships where it's nearly impossible to get someone to open up. It's also possible that your work, or anything that once gave you a solid sense of purpose, is emotionally unfulfilling. This inclines you to feel depressed. But you might better think of this moment as cracking you open. Of course, it doesn't feel good. Yet, it likely does feel honest. Your feelings are out there, and you're no longer going through the motions just to get by. You're now at more of a vantage point to move through and up toward what you really find compelling. You can't mute your feelings constantly and consistently with the belief that you can turn up the volume on everything else. What you feel and how you feel is what makes life worth living.

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