Saturn opposite Uranus

Saturn Opposite Uranus Natal

You often have a hard time reconciling conventional with unconventional, new with traditional, or unique with usual. At times, you will try to throw whatever figurative unwashed baby of a concept or thing out with the bathwater just to save time. It doesn't matter who you must battle to make it so. You want to possess more patience, but perhaps suspect that fear will get the best of you. So, you will act suddenly, though your actions are often the net result of mulling things over and over. Other times, you can't decide if you want to stoke more chaos to angle for change, or temper it to keep change at bay. Perhaps the adage, “the only constant is change,” is your soul's mantra. That doesn't mean change happens all at once or never. It also doesn't mean that your uniqueness must conform. It means you're a catalyst. Trust yourself and life's processes more, and keep less of the fear.

Saturn Opposite Uranus Transit

There's perhaps no way to keep your life fixedly the same. That's good news if you've been pushing for change. But you must also recognize that you won't be able to anticipate or control all dimensions of these changes. Yet, you can control how you respond. Switch up your own routines and methods on your own, rather than holding on rigidly to the tried-and-true ways you've coped with change or even attempted to initiate it. This transit is less welcome if you want to keep things as they are. But if you're truly honest with yourself, it's possible that many of these changes have been brewing for a while. You’ve probably just been hoping for a different outcome. Nonetheless, this transit clears a way for you to feel more like your true self again. Not necessarily your old self, though—you might have forgotten that there can be a difference.

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