Saturn Square Ascendant

Saturn Square Ascendant Natal

You have possibly felt that the only way you could be your own person and obtain worldly success is by having as few personal attachments as possible. This likely means that you have struggled to keep intimate ties, even at an early age with family. You either didn't feel like you wholly belonged to them, or them to you. Similarly, you probably don't make it easy for partners or colleagues to get to know you on an intimate level. You're too fearful that they may try to hamstring you or tie you down to domestic, familial, or relationship obligations that will keep you from the acclaim you seek. Yet, it's not entirely clear to you that that is what you seek. Perhaps you’re more than occasionally curious to know how it feels to be unconditionally supported and accepted. But you'll never know if you don't allow it or even try sincerely.

Saturn Square Ascendant Transit

Perhaps you’re so pulled toward your career that you have little time to notice how isolated you feel from others and they from you. You might work long hours away from home, citing your workload and obligations. But this isn't completely the case. You might also dread or resist a level of intimacy and connection with family, close friends, or intimate partners. You're inclined to comfort yourself that it's not personal, and you're right to a degree. But that's the problem. It’s possible you don't feel supported and affirmed by dear ones with your pursuits, so you've chosen to withdraw. Yet, you must also be careful that you haven't withdrawn before stating clearly what you want and need from others. It's equally hard for you to be vulnerable, since you're so focused on steeling yourself to triumph in the world. But asking for encouragement and comfort, when it's available, isn't a weakness. It can also be motivation.

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