Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Saturn Conjunct Pluto Natal

You're determined to be a self-possessed person, or you fear that others will have possession over you and your future. This is perhaps why you pay close attention to deep-seated ideas and emotions. You probe your own motivations, so that you can properly guess the motivations and aspirations of others and how they might affect you. At your worst, this can incline you toward paranoia. It might take you a while to lose your suspicions of individuals or groups and what power they can wield in your life, even those who care for you. That's not to say that some aren't trying to command more authority than you're willing to yield. But it’s certainly not everyone. You are always aware of power dynamics. But at your best, because you've studied your own psychology and how power works in the world, you can be a powerful catalyst for long-term change and the shifting of power dynamics—especially for people who have historically been disenfranchised.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto Transit

You have an increased sensitivity to all power plays and dynamics, especially any that threaten your sense of autonomy and self-possession. If you've been dealing with long-term abuse and bullying, then this is probably a turning point. You've had enough, and you're willing to dig deep within to exhume and reclaim your own sense of power. It won't be easy, but you also have the perseverance and patience to match your challenging circumstances. If you've enjoyed more freedom recently, then you might be caught off-guard when some authority flexes its muscles at your expense. But your own fears are what you must conquer first. You're probably not looking at the deeper cause, but concentrating more on the effects, including your own anxieties. If you look deeper, you'll see that perhaps you didn't commit due diligence with an issue or person when you had a chance. Now you will have to begin a new relationship with these factors and players, more on your terms than theirs.

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