Saturn Sextile Pluto

Saturn Sextile Pluto Natal

Like some people play with toys or video games, you might play with power. For you, power is the ability to create real change in the world. You're willing to experiment and rollick with how to influence people and achieve your desires, even the whimsical ones. Some may be disturbed by how easily you can “manipulate” people, though you rarely think you're doing that. You perhaps see yourself as providing opportunities for people to fulfill or articulate their desires. In fact, you might believe that nearly anyone has that power, but few choose to use it to their full potential. This could be true for you, too. You can be so entertained and fascinated by the little games you play that you don't have enough bandwidth for greater challenges and tasks. You spend so much time sharpening your skills for the big time that you can easily miss it.

Saturn Sextile Pluto Transit

You breezily play with power players now, either as one in training, in full bloom, or by association. You're keen on fixing your wishes to your will and bringing them to completion. But you're mostly cordial and cooperative about it. You'll need to be equally practical about which visions and goals you're ripening to fruition, though. Otherwise, you can idly while away your time on power games and maneuvers that do little more than stave off boredom and make you feel powerful. Honor the integrity of your long-term goals, because people will remember if you trifle with their feelings and intentions now (even if you only flex a little muscle). Pluto incites people to keep long memories, even for simple, small slights. Likewise, be sure you're aligned with colleagues and friends who share your values of fair play and decency. Otherwise, you might cultivate unsavory connections that will be harder to untangle later.

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