Saturn Conjunct Mercury

Saturn Conjunct Mercury Natal

You think thoroughly and cautiously. It's likely you communicate with as much care as well. You probably learned to process this way because you had critical parents or teachers, who didn't tolerate mistakes or meanderings well. So, you strive to be exacting not only in how you organize your thoughts, but with nearly anything related to commerce, travel, or communication. Yet, your love of exactitude can be limiting and even too literal. You're not fond of too many flourishes in speech, and this can translate into heavy thoughts as well. Perhaps you’re inclined toward pessimism and worst-case scenarios, rather than trusting that your strong organizational abilities can serve you on the fly. So, honor those lighter feelings and allow them to inspire your thinking more often. Learn to fixate less on whether there's a right answer or definitive way to do, study, or talk about a subject.

Saturn Conjunct Mercury Transit

A recent criticism or harrowing experience has perhaps led you to be very thorough and guarded with your thinking. This isn't entirely a bad thing. The sobriety of your thinking can serve your work and bring your communication skills to new levels of precision and thoroughness. Your planning skills are likely to ratchet up a notch as well. In other words, if you honor any criticisms with action, then you'll see the benefit. When you keep everything in, though, you're more likely to experience trouble. You're prone to doubting whatever you or anyone else says, especially if it's something positive about yourself or your given circumstances. Perhaps you dumpster-dive more into your distant past, and exhume so much dirt that you can't help but feel bad about yourself and what you're doing. Lighten up, and put the toughness of your mind to work on something that's helpful to you or others.

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