Saturn Trine Midheaven

Saturn Trine Midheaven Natal

Perhaps you’ve had little reason to doubt that you have the resources, discipline, and fitness to strive for worldly achievement. You either have the familial connections, community support, or hard-earned cash to reach your dreams and goals. It's likely that you warrant such endorsement, and have a sterling character that endears people to you and your ambitions. But you can easily take this societal kindness for granted, and slip into expecting it when you've done little to continue their initial faith in you. It might also be difficult for you to understand and empathize with people who've had to struggle for every scrap they've ever been able to snatch from willing (or unwilling) benefactors. Instead, you might insist on helping only those in your circle, or those who have a similar background to you, rather than earnestly doing what you can when you can.

Saturn Trine Midheaven Natal

You have the means, work, routines, and overall health to give your full attention to your career and reputation-building. Your name may indeed precede you, and you may have to do very little for doors to interviews or meetings to fly open for you. Likely, you enjoy what you do for work—and it shows. Perhaps more things seem in flow because you're fully attentive to what's happening now, and not fretting about what has happened before or what will happen next. Yet, don't forget about those times when it might have been more difficult for you. You can help others who are potentially discouraged in finding their way. It's easy to feel dismayed or even annoyed with such people because, frankly, they're a buzzkill for you. You would much rather stay in your groove and not have to contend with situations, ideas, or people who throw you off. But you’d miss an important opportunity to pay it forward.

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