Saturn Square Moon

Saturn Square Moon Natal

You've probably had to toughen up while growing up. You likely assumed authority and responsibilities for others while undergoing trying times. There wasn't much time for niceties or vulnerability. This perhaps makes it difficult for you to be comfortable showing more of your softer and gentler side. There's no doubt you have those sides, but you fear that others might take advantage of you if they knew how to play on them. You're not entirely wrong; That will be true with some people. Not everyone needs to be in your inner circle, especially if they're more in your work world. But there's a fine line between excluding others for sensible reasons, past and present, and denying yourself love, comfort, and affection. You needn't go your whole life, even intermittently, without having close and dear ones whom you can trust with your heart.

Saturn Square Moon Transit

Perhaps you feel drained, as if you're fresh out of emotional sap to handle the simplest of responses and concerns. This wouldn't be an ideal time to take on more responsibilities. Instead, you probably need to prune away more of what's burdening you and get back to whoever or whatever nurtures you. For starters, you might give yourself more downtime. Otherwise, you could end up with more unintentional and unproductive time off from illness, depression, or flat-out fatigue. Next, look to cultivate more active time with family, friends, or loved ones who cheer you up and unconditionally care for you. Also, drop any pretenses that you have of invulnerability and toughness. It's probably not serving you now. Instead, cultivate your vulnerability, and you'll likely see how others are coping with their own pain and hurt as well. From there, you're better positioned to help others and be helped.

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