Saturn Sextile Neptune

Saturn Sextile Neptune Natal

You have a way of making the mysterious seem lively, fun, and practical. You're respectful of well-worn spiritual and philosophical traditions and texts. But you're equally attentive to how they come alive in a modern context and daily life. You enjoy thinking about how to draw compatible ideas from the past into the present, as much as you enjoy talking about them with others. You likely have a way of getting people to add a touch of the imaginative to dry subjects, and sobering folks up who are too smugly satisfied with their doctrines and visions of the world. Yet, you too are susceptible to your own faults. You can blithely fuse traditions together without enough respect for their subtle differences. Likewise, you might create new interpretations and ideals that also become rigid. This makes you lose sight of the mysteries, wonders, and lofty ideals that set you off to bring them down into everyday life in the first place.

Saturn Sextile Neptune Transit

You easily harness the subtle and imaginative with what's tried and true. Perhaps you rediscover new insights from established spiritual and philosophical texts and see ways to apply them more in your daily life. You're better able to have enlightening conversations and meetings with others about metaphysical and mystical topics. Likewise, you may have a series of mysterious encounters with people or situations that seem to prove the viability of your beliefs. You're prepared to prune away and renounce what doesn't fit your goals and ideals on your own terms. But you must be careful with any glee you might feel about that. You can easily slip into feeling like a martyr, rejoicing in how eager you are to be a simple vessel for your vision of how the world can and should work. You can become so convinced by your experiences and study of deeper truths that you refuse to stay flexible to other ways of thinking and being.

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