Saturn Square Sun

Saturn Square Sun Natal

You struggle for sovereignty. At times, you're not sure if you want sovereignty over others, though it might certainly seem that way. You’re inclined to believe that you’re just responsible enough to see that you and others use their talents and resources wisely. Other times, though, you're struggling with others to maintain your own autonomy and boundaries. You want to determine what happens in your life on your own terms. And you don't care about anyone's assessment of how rightly or wrongly you're using your own gifts and assets. This paves a path to hypocrisy. Integrity—holding your principles and your practices together—entitles you to sovereignty. If you're living according to a standard that seeks the best for all, you don’t need to fuss about whether you're ruling over others or yourself. You'll naturally respect and honor what's there, without a burdensome crown to bear.

Saturn Square Sun Transit

On the surface, you might feel torn about whether to fight or yield to people who are striving to establish more control in your life. Your temptation to fight them, whether they're bosses, colleagues, or intimates, will likely wear more on you than them. That's mostly because this transit is less about their power and more about your own. You are likely out of alignment with your own principles and ideals, and your struggle is more about figuring out whether you need to relax or firm up what you believe. This probably isn't an easy choice, and it shouldn't be taken lightly. But you're prone to distracting yourself by getting into senseless turf wars. If you're “right,” meaning that your thoughts are grounded in a consensual reality that reason and experience can support, then you mostly need patience and perseverance to bear that out—not posturing or disputing.

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