Saturn Sextile Jupiter

Saturn Sextile Jupiter Natal

You conduct yourself with so much moderation that you're a shoo-in as a test subject for many surveys and a welcomed party and dinner guest. You balance the right amount of inclusivity with selectivity. You're a thoughtful conversationalist who says just enough, but never too much. What's more, though you prefer to play it safe, you're willing to be a bit risky. Ultimately, though, you're more of a conformist, and rarely controversial. That doesn't mean you don't have any controversial ideas or beliefs, but you’re perhaps too concerned about your reputation or the thoughts of others to fully act on them. You tend to stay lukewarm about your deeper-set passions, and prefer others to do the same. Yet, there's only so long you can bury aspects of yourself out of view before some of it pokes out on its own. Now and then, let loose a little more.

Saturn Sextile Jupiter Transit

Socially and politically, you're able to strike the right chord with people in your life. You're able to see more sides of an issue than usual. This favors you as a suitable mediator between warring parties, without favoritism to either side. This transit also bodes well for any efforts to expand and grow, since it usually adds much-needed layers of organization and systems thinking. You're cautious, but not overly so. You're encouraging, yet not overly enthusiastic. That might be a problem in more intimate settings, though. As your mind drifts toward improving and developing situations and things, it might be hard to feel close to one person or even a set of people, like family. Similarly, you tend to side-step anything that requires you to take a firm stand. Perhaps it's out of a lack of interest. But also, you don't want to contend too much with people or circumstances that distract you from achieving practical goals and aims.

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