Saturn Sextile Midheaven

Saturn Sextile Midheaven Natal

You're willing to plod steadily and consistently toward whatever finish lines you’ve set for yourself. You're open to advice and thoughts from others, including parents, loved ones, friends, and mentors. But you usually choose to keep your own counsel and move along on your own terms in a lifelong marathon toward your goals. You mostly see things this way because you're risk-averse. You tend to focus on what you stand to lose if you don't move forward a certain way, rather than on what you stand to gain. Similarly, you have a strong sense of personal responsibility. You neither want to absorb all the credit for yourself when things go right, or leave others to shoulder the blame and hurt when things go wrong. That's noble, and it's certainly true that we “live together and die alone.” But perhaps you dwell too much on endings, on all levels, and not enough on beginnings or the living part that happens in between.

Saturn Sextile Midheaven Transit

Most likely, you're highly motivated toward achievement. The problem might be that you're motivated more by fear of failure than any thirst for success or love of what you do. You might often be plagued by thoughts of worst-case scenarios. This keeps you moving along a straight and narrow path that's been blazed broad and clear by those who've gone before you. In general, you're inclined to go with what's safe and a sure bet. That's not a bad strategy, since it at least keeps you moving and tethered to others. You're happy and apt to please others, like your family and colleagues. Many will notice how diligent and conscientious you are. Perhaps you’re offered several opportunities to move ahead with your long-term goals. Often, there's only one problem: You must be clear that your goals are indeed yours. Otherwise, it's easy for your own aspirations to be buried under a heap of expectations set by everyone except you.

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