Saturn Conjunct Midheaven

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Natal

To advance in life, you’ve had to rely a lot on yourself. Or perhaps your family struggled to ensure that you did well. At your best, you feel obligated to demonstrate your worth and increase your status. You value your reputation, and people look to you for leadership because you appear as someone who's earned it. They can relate to you, probably because they've seen you rise from humbler beginnings and see themselves in you. At your worst, though, you wield your authority and respect as a weapon, because you fear that you might lose your vaulted position one day. Yet, this is a certainty: You will. What's more important than when, is how. It's as important to step down when necessary with grace and character as it is to rise with grit and determination. You won't become a leader because you were born one. You'll become and stay a leader because you became a person worth following.

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, of any sort. Your head might weigh heavily with responsibilities, ambitions, fears, or a combination of all three. You're sensitive to all parameters of leadership now. If you're not a leader, then you likely want to be recognized as one. If you are in an eminent position, then accountability and productivity will likely be your chief concerns. Yet, you can't lose sight of the reason why you want to wear “the crown,” or why you do wear it. It's not so much about all you've done, but who you've become as you move and have moved up. If you've sought advancement for superficial reasons, then this transit will be very difficult for you. Perhaps you haven’t developed enough substance within yourself to have the status you've obtained. No need for panic, though, if that's true. You can become a person of sterling character nearly anytime. You merely need to be accountable and sincere.

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