Saturn Conjunct Ascendant

Saturn Conjunct Ascendant Natal

Your status in society is likely intimately tied to your appearance and identity. For instance, you could be very tall or short. It probably wasn't easy for you to come into this world, whether that's your actual birth story or how you look at this life as a soul incarnation. Yet, you can't help but feel this marks you for a special destiny—and that may weigh heavily on you. It could prompt you to be ambitious and assume loads of responsibility and leadership, even at an early age. Or you might move through life with a heavy heart and a chip on your shoulder. Either way, you can take your life and self too seriously. You're earnest and work hard, but you lament that others (especially adults when you're younger) don't live up to their own ideals. As you mature, you can learn to lighten up and be able to laugh at life and everyone's foibles, including your own.

Saturn Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Perhaps you’re feeling aggrieved by nearly everything and everyone. This makes you cranky and melancholic. Some measure of your desire to withdraw can be useful now, though. It's important to simplify your life, because you might have taken on more duties and responsibilities than necessary. Likewise, you could be trying to fulfill someone else's idea of what role you should play in society. It's important to define who you are and how you'll proceed on your own terms. Saturn's weightiness can benefit you here by prompting you to think about your life in deeper ways and longer terms. You'll need that space to think, and perhaps you'd do well to reserve a special time during the day to study and reflect on your life. But be careful not become too hermit-like. You'll need some social contact, especially with steadfast family and friends, to keep your spirits up and stop you from taking yourself and your ponderous thoughts too seriously.

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