Saturn opposite Neptune

Saturn Opposite Neptune Natal

When you're younger, you have a sadness and world-weariness that's perhaps hard to understand, or even explain. As you age, you likely focus more on the impermanence of the world and never get your faith or hopes too high about anything. You might plod along with your attention on getting by in the world, only half believing that much of it makes any sense at all. That's because, on some level, you've always sensed there's another half that is nonsensical—and perhaps beyond our senses altogether. Once you have a solid glimpse of that missing half, whether it comes through a haze from ingesting mind-altering drugs, seeing a piece of art, hearing music, or beholding a miracle, you'll establish a counterpart to your bittersweet misery and forlornness. You won't feel like you must shoulder your burdens alone anymore. You'll possibly strive your whole life to keep in touch with the world beyond this one, and fuse the two—never again wholly believing in just one.

Saturn Opposite Neptune Transit

Perhaps you’re heavily weighed down by an acute awareness of your faults and the faults of others. You feel that the societal or even spiritual forces that perpetuate misery are greater than anything you, or those who think like you, can do. You're having a crisis of faith. But you're really experiencing a crisis of sight. You're inclined to focus more on what's probable and visible than on what's possible and perceptible only through the mind's eye. All you can see is a void. But you can't rush to fill this empty space with dogma or inspiration from outside sources. Those will likely all ring hollow. You're not necessarily here to save or be saved. The redemption you seek will only draw near to you when you've exhausted any belief that it's all on your shoulders. It never was. Your visions and dreams didn't only come from you or belong to you. Trust that inspiration will find its way back to you, now that a way has been cleared.

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