Saturn Square Jupiter

Saturn Square Jupiter Natal

You aspire to learn how to do a lot with a little. Or how to experience spirited pockets of freedom in cramped spaces and tight conditions. It will probably take a while to master those lessons, but you will. It's better (and more likely) that you err on the side of wastefulness and excess, and then figure out how to sensibly curb your penchant to do anything grand. Otherwise, you could become too fearful to break with your given circumstances and not dream or dare to do anything big and worthy of your capabilities. Perhaps you're eventually tempted to control as much as you can and to let less happen by chance. But with some unplanned, serendipitous moments come opportunities that you couldn't have orchestrated. Leave yourself open to inspiration, as much as you angle toward perspiration. Hard work, of course, is to be respected. But working smarter, not just harder, is even more so.

Saturn Square Jupiter Natal Transit

What lasts and grows often starts off small, or must be pared down. That's what harvests and pruning are for. Now is a modest harvest, yet you must still trim the excess or refine what's become too complicated and unwieldy. One way this might manifest is to reduce how many things you're doing. The real emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Likewise, you're inclined to think that you have more resources and outcomes in your favor than you actually do. Maybe you're too enthralled by your own hopes and enthusiasm to take careful notice. It's likely a situation or person delivers sobering news to break you out of your absorption. You don't have to tailspin into depression about this, though. Just stay reasonably inspired—like you're shooting for the moon, yet equally content to miss and land among the stars. Regardless, you’re still in motion.

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