Saturn opposite Pluto

Saturn Opposite Pluto Natal

You often undermine your own efforts at achieving success and obtaining power. This partly happens because you don't trust yourself to wield your authority and power well. Somehow it's difficult for you to suspend the belief that power corrupts, and you would rather stay incorruptible. Other times, though, you're thwarted by others. Then, you'll dig in your heels and fight for the power and status denied to you as if your very life depended on it. And in those moments, you might even believe your happiness and hopes for living do. But what you're really fighting for isn't for or against the powers that be. You're fighting to accept your own power, which can neither be denied nor granted by anyone else. Of course, the answer is to accept your power without fear, rather than fighting about it within or without. Whether or not you're corrupted by it depends on whether you allow power to define you in absolute terms, or use it only as needed.

Saturn Opposite Pluto Transit

Within yourself and others, you most likely deal with extremes. You might be completely convinced that you're in the right about something while someone else is wholly in the wrong. Or you're willing to give your all to make something work, and don't entertain any other outcome but success—the costs of your efforts, including how it affects your own body or relationships. The benefit of this transit is that you'll probably learn the depth of your reservoirs of will and strength. You're not interested in doing anything in half-measure. You're long on conviction, but you must be careful that you're neither too long nor too short on principle. It's easy to justify nearly anything on principle. It's also just as easy to do away with principles altogether, if you're focused only on the ends. Contemplate both the means and the ends. It's good to know your worth, but be sure that all you do is worth whatever you do.

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