Saturn Square Midheaven

Saturn Square Midheaven Natal

It’s likely you have frequent bouts of anxiety about how and whether you will make your way in life. The benefit of staying wound up like this is that you keep pushing for your goals. You continually clarify what they are and how you will pursue them. But the downside is that you alternate between exerting diligent, persistent effort and enduring crushing depression and perceived defeat. Sometimes those setbacks appear to come from authority figures who deny your heart's desires. Other times, you're sunk by moments when your own self-esteem plummets. Your lesson here is to detach more from your aspirations and achievements, and the idea that they define your worth and who you are. You must learn to enjoy the push toward the top for its own sake, rather than fearing you'll be denied at any whimsical turn. Instead, you’ll miss the times when you're more in control than you believe.

Saturn Square Midheaven Transit

You may have a lot of angst about how you'll move up in your career. There may be multiple indications that it's not going to happen now. But this might be more about your fears and misperceptions than full-out fact.   What's likely true is that you experience pushback from colleagues and higher-ups about your advancement. Friends and family don't seem to believe in you and your ability to move forward. This probably leads you to feel isolated. Yet, what counts most now is not how others feel about your ambitions, but how you feel.   This is a test of your mettle, and whether or not you feel ready and willing to reach for what you desire on your own terms, by your own authority. It's wholly possible that you might stumble and fall as you try to rise. But only you can determine how much and how hard you're going to try.

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