Saturn opposite Sun

Saturn Opposite Sun Natal

You're more comfortable being the power behind the throne. But as you mature, you must determine whether you avoid stepping into positions of power because you don't want added responsibility and scrutiny from others, or because you're brought too low by your own self-critical manner. False humility from tearing yourself down or to deflect from your true ambitions will never do you any real favors. In fact, you'll probably end up doing most of the work, getting none of the glory, and still suffering blame from yourself and others. You might be more afraid of not living up to your own principles and ideals, so you'd rather do that by proxy. It's highly possible that you will stumble as you strive to lead or even follow well. Congratulations, you're human! But what matters most is how you pick yourself up and get better at becoming a person you will enjoy being.

Saturn Opposite Sun Transit

You're prone to being challenged on your authority and authenticity. You're likely to sink into a downward spiral if you try to prove your right to do what you're doing and be who you are. In other words, you can't afford to take the challenge too personally, even if it seems to be. Likewise, you also shouldn't dismiss these challenges as silly or baseless before they've been fully aired. Everything has its time. It would be wise to let things play out, with you being who you are and doing what you do, if that's what feels right and natural. If, however, you're not acting and being from a place of integrity, then it would be best to reset. Step back to get on better footing, even if that means resigning from a position or dissolving a relationship. Titles and entitlements come and go, but true command comes from self-possession.

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