Saturn Square Pluto

Saturn Square Pluto Natal

It's possible you’ve reinvented yourself more times than you'd like to count. You've had to dig deep within to match circumstances that would threaten to douse your own authority and autonomy. You respond to those possible threats with a firm and persistent force, maybe even in double measure. That means you must expel an incredible amount of psychic energy to keep up. Perhaps you’ve even shelled out too much and recreated yourself as a huge monster truck wheel that must crush others in its way just to race forward or not get stuck in a mess. But your real calling is to learn how to refine your efforts, not necessarily regenerate them continuously in bigger ways. Come to discern true threats, and anticipate ways that you can minimize the amount of energy you must put out to survive and thrive. In other words, no need to completely renovate when you only have to service a few parts to stay on track.

Saturn Square Pluto Transit

If you feel you’re under attack from those on your path to progress and prosperity, you're tempted to return any fire with double amounts of ammunition. This does make you look powerful. But the cost on you and your resources might not make your nuclear efforts worth it. That's not to say that your threats aren't real. They likely are, but you will have to show more scrutiny with what classifies as a power move and what doesn't. This will require patience, persistence, and less emotionally-charged observation on your part. For the latter, you'll need to assess clearly what's really going on, rather than letting fear get the best of you. Vision, planning, and restraint are what will ultimately set you apart. Consistent effort over a longer period will likely yield more for you than detonating multiple attacks and skirmishes for dominance. True power knows itself. Know your own.

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