Saturn Trine Sun

Saturn Trine Sun Natal

You strive to leave a lasting impression on the world, and often effortlessly do just that. You likely have an honor code that's been drilled into you. Maybe by your family, but most probably by experiences that have prompted you to think deeply about how you want to be treated and treat others. Yet, you assume responsibilities and acclaim from others before you've earned them. This means that, at some point, you'll be tested on whether you merit the trust and value placed on you. Fortunately, you have enough self-esteem that you're not wholly dependent on how others see you. But you might mistake your own value and virtue as a natural given, rather than a sacred—yet wholly negotiable—trust which can go up or down depending on your own behavior. If you're humble before a set of principles and ideals that are greater than yourself or the fancies of others, then humility will always crown you.

Saturn Trine Sun Natal Transit

You're able to see and easily correct where you've been off the mark with your own aims and goals. Most often, though, the correction won't be about your plans or methods. It will be how you're either in or out of alignment with your own fundamental values or principles. Once back in alignment, you'll likely discover that others notice and want to include you more in their long-term plans, projects, and aspirations. You're inclined to go along with these. If the offers presented line up with your highest aspirations, you’ll have to look beyond the honors, approval, and warm receptions you're given to know what you truly want to do. If you're sure, then you'll discover it’s easy to build alone or with others, as long as you're doing work that you can put your heart into. But if you’re sidetracked by flattery, you'll have to course-correct and start over—a hard, yet virtuous thing to do.

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