Saturn Conjunct Sun

Saturn Conjunct Sun Natal

You have a strong sense of responsibility and a natural interest in wielding authority. It's likely that you wanted to know more about discipline and authority because someone, usually a parent or significant adult figure, exerted a strong amount of influence and control in your own life. In turn, you probably came to think that this is what it means to be an adult. You plan and think very deeply. Daily, this prompts you to be very duty-bound and conscientious, but not to feel very carefree. Often, you might even feel depressed. Then, perhaps you feel that the only thing that lightens your burdens is achieving an unquestionable status in the world, whether that's immense fame, wealth, titles, or all of the above. Yet, as you mature, you will likely find it easier to lighten up and not take yourself so seriously. Your life won't hinge on all the things you can acquire or achieve, but more on the depth and qualities of your experience.

Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit

You're likely to take on more responsibilities, which might even come with a promotion or some other change in your status. You're more inclined to feel heavy, and you'll need activities and people in your life to lighten you up. That's mostly because you're taking yourself too seriously. You might come to believe that more hinges on you than is actually true, or that you've assumed more than you can bear. Yet, it’s important to engage in “heavy” activities. It's an auspicious time to be deep in study, or to work on an engrossing project. On the physical front, you might consider resistance and weight training to honor the gravitas of somber Saturn. It's also good to fortify your bones and have regular medical check-ups of your cardiovascular functions, since your body may register a toll that's otherwise hard to detect.

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