Saturn Sextile Venus

Saturn Sextile Venus Natal

You enjoy blending form and function, tying beauty to practicality. In relationships of nearly any stripe, from family to friends to partners, you seek to be fair and clear. You expect to give as much as you get. You can often talk easily and clearly about what you need in a relationship, and will be faithful. Similarly, your mature and dutiful perspective on relationships suggests that you'll likely draw older or equally mature young partners. Because you know how to make things comfortably pleasing for most in attendance, you're probably also a point-person for get-togethers and celebrations. Yet, you can be too quietly lukewarm with how you infuse your affections and aesthetic sense into nearly anything. It's perhaps difficult for you to let your passions go out in full. Instead, you stick to the obligatory minimum, with fine manners and suitable tastefulness to avoid the “messiness” of spilling more.

Saturn Sextile Venus Transit

In your relationships and everyday interactions with strangers, you experience a cordial equanimity. You’re either a charming host or a delightful guest. Likewise, you're interested in better fusing practicality with more aesthetic flavor, from how you dress to the stylings of your office and home. Yet, it's in your more intimate relationships that you'll see blemishes in the overall pleasant picture of this transit. You do a good job of going through the motions and being dutifully attentive. But you're likely low on passion and excitement. Also, you might become keenly aware of any imbalances in the give-and-take of your relationship. If the ledger of your love connection shows that another falls in debt, risk opening a can of worms and losing your delightful cordiality to correct it. It’ll be worth it in the long term. You might notice that other relationships have a similar imbalance. Fortunately, overall you're levelheaded enough to talk things through if you choose.

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