Saturn Sextile Mars

Saturn Sextile Mars Natal

You love being on a mission and on point. You're very serious about doing any job thoroughly. This is perhaps why, even at a young age, people have been quick to call on you to get a job done. You likely enjoy geeking out about specs and details. This is especially true of anything that helps you achieve your goals, whether it’s vehicles, computers, pens, etc. Fortunately for you and others, you enjoy what you do. Because otherwise, you could become exceedingly hard on yourself and others. Yet, you can become irked when others are not willing to put in as much work to be efficient and careful as you are. You'll try to keep things as pleasant as possible, if only not to interrupt your workflow. When others aren't carrying their own fair share, you’ll believe that you can easily pick up the slack. Nip that impulse in the bud whenever it crops up. Sooner than later, it will likely blow up with unexpressed resentments and confusion.

Saturn Sextile Mars Transit

Your due diligence and commitment to seeing tasks through to completion likely mark you as a favorite among friends and colleagues. Although you might need to work with tight deadlines or less-than-ideal circumstances, you probably won't mind. This is because you greet challenges agreeably and enjoy the camaraderie. If you're normally not as social, you'll enjoy meeting new people as long as there are a clear focus and objective. You might have more trouble, though, with unstructured time and interactions. Then, you’ll possibly try to impose structure or organization where that is not appropriate. Or you’ll become bored, because you don't see the point of activities that don't have a clearly defined purpose. Yet, when there is a goal and you're all on the same page with those involved, you're full of win and fun. Be clear and direct with colleagues or partners who aren't doing their fair share. Passive-aggressiveness on your part will only slow your workflow, not improve it.

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