Saturn Conjunct Neptune

Saturn Conjunct Neptune Natal

Whether it’s ideas, music, images, mystical insights, or idle imaginings of your mind, you strive to give form to the formless. Because you have such vague notions streaming through your mind, it will likely take you some time to create or locate the proper venues to shape and bring them to life. Even if you don't do anything conventionally artistic, in some form or fashion, you are ultimately an artist and creator. And that's where you might start finding a way to give structure to what seems only symbolic and suspect to others. You will have to be persistent in stripping away, by trial and error, what's extraneous, false, and just too idealistic. Fortunately, others will be fascinated by you, as you seem to conceal a great secret. You do—and while it may take a lifetime to learn how to make it a reality, you probably feel you have no other choice.

Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit

Little feels tangible, perhaps even in your own mind. You might feel that the once-solid structure of your life is now shakier. At an extreme, you may withdraw from the normal workings of your life into a more imaginative and dreamier one, whether it's of your own making or programmed by someone else (like the make-believe worlds of novels or video games). You might even dip exclusively into deep spiritual or philosophical study. But you can best use this transit to vigorously shape your visions into reality. Yet, that doesn't allow you much room to be sentimental or guilt-ridden. You must keep enough fortitude to deal with things as they are, without allowing your emotions, especially fear, to lose heart. You must also harvest enough gleaming possibilities from inner travels to set them in places of stone or sight, where they can be appreciated.

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