Saturn Conjunct Mars

Saturn Conjunct Mars Natal

You set out to make things last, including your body. Perhaps that's largely because you've faced many obstacles, especially early in life. Yet, life has taught you how to pace yourself and persevere. But sometimes it's hard to figure out whether the source of your slow-yet-steady advances is due to your circumstances, or holding yourself back. You vacillate between feeling emboldened and encumbered. Or between savoring victory after hard-earned struggles and merely surviving as a victim of unjust circumstances. The most probable truth is that you're learning how to consolidate and concentrate your energy and efforts, in ways that sustain you and what you build without bitterness or resentment. It doesn't matter whether you’re establishing buildings, relationships, nations, or world records. You're right to be suspicious of the easy victory or the free lunch. Your self-determination requires that it be tested to know what's truly yours. Then you can freely respect what others achieve, too.

Saturn Conjunct Mars Transit

In some form or another, you might experience a restriction of movement. This might manifest as an authority figure demanding a great deal from you, and you becoming increasingly frustrated with the requirements or your own progress. This could lead to many pent-up feelings, including anger. If you can't find a way to channel that anger out, then it could easily collapse within and become depression or an overall physical malaise. You go through the motions, but your passion is halted. Yet, you must find a way to stand up for yourself and persevere. Rather than succumbing to the temptation to feel sorry for yourself, accept whatever limitations you face now as an opportunity to improve and grow in a very specific and disciplined way. For instance, slowing down with how you exercise a particular muscle might highlight that you had been working it in bad form.

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