Saturn Square Neptune

Saturn Square Neptune Natal

In practical and sensible ways, you struggle to rein in your visions, dreams, imaginings, ideas, and flashes of psychic insight. Perhaps it’s because the flickering perceptions in your head are often more compelling than the consensual reality that nearly everyone else seems to talk about. You're not necessarily foolhardy to lose yourself completely in “another world.” But you're also not wholly convinced that you can keep your feet fully planted in the one you share with others. The wiser response to cultivate throughout your life is to focus more on honoring your inspirations with real-world actions, even if it's just writing them down. You needn't obsess about making the world have faith in you if you believe enough in what's flowing through you to share it. That will require patience and careful cultivation of what will at first be too frail and fragile to endure the harsh gazes of others. But if you and your mental pictures persist, then eventually they will come alive and thrive enough for all to see.

Saturn Square Neptune Transit

It's perhaps all too easy to lose faith in yourself and your own visions, dreams, and ideas. It may be too hard to push against the naysayers, whether they’re friends, family, or foes. They neither see value in what you’re nurturing, or see you as a responsible shepherd for your notions. Yet, you shouldn't readily dismiss their judgment, either. It's important to know whether you are developing something worthwhile. If you can find your way back to focusing on an idea or vision, despite the loud din of disapproval from others, then there's a good chance that you should proceed with figuring out ways to lead it into the world. Yet, if you're distracted and onto yet some other phantom of the mind, then chances are the howls and jeers of those in your life are more calls back to consensual reality. You're most likely avoiding expectations and responsibilities that require your attention.

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