Saturn opposite Midheaven

Saturn Opposite Midheaven Natal

You understand folks very well when they say there's nowhere else to go but up. You likely experienced trying times early in life, or had to escape from a very controlling or traditional family. As you've matured, with determination and grit, you've set your sights on achieving worldly success. Yet, the pull of the past will probably keep a stronghold on you. That might manifest as longstanding family responsibilities that you can't shake. Or you spend much of your time running away from the constrictions of your past, rather than clarifying the exact dimensions of the freedom you're running toward. You could also have a hard time finding mentor figures or support from others as you strive forward more on your own. This could prompt you to develop a chip on your shoulder, and even alienate others from readily helping you. But if you can honor your self-reliance while staying buoyant and optimistic, you'll eventually build the momentum and progress you seek.

Saturn Opposite Midheaven Transit

You're certainly on the come-up, and you likely feel it. But perhaps this makes you anxious. That's not unreasonable. You might still chafe from recent setbacks that prompted you to doubt yourself and your abilities. You can't afford to wallow in the past or any recent failures, though. In nearly all dimensions, you must fortify your roots. You can start with your family. If you have relatively strained relations with your parents, siblings, children, or spouses (including any exes), then do whatever you can to mend these faltering foundations. You don't want unnecessary disputes and psychic strife to distract you from the upward momentum you can create now. Similarly, give more attention and appreciation to your home, especially the room where you spend most of your time. It should be a haven for you when you return from scrapping and struggling for your place on the corporate ladder.

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