Saturn Conjunct Venus

Saturn Conjunct Venus Natal

It's hard for you to be aware of pleasure without pain and without calculating its cost. You likely learned early in life to discipline your pleasures. Or that loving someone or something is a matter of duty and honor, not necessarily enjoyment or reciprocity. You've perhaps learned too well that taking care of others is thankless. With that mindset, you're bound to be loyal to a fault. But your fidelity might be a long-term (and likely outmoded) strategy to gain the approval and affection of people who are distant and unavailable to you. For instance, you might have started this approach with your parents and continued into adulthood with other significant relationships, like partners or employers. You then cynically try to extract maximum worth from whatever scraps you can get, whether that's time, money, or attention. Relationships of nearly any kind become more about what you can get or must do, rather than what you mutually enjoy.

Saturn Conjunct Venus Transit

You likely desire validation and affection from dear ones in your life. Validation can take a variety of forms. If an intimate relationship has been loosely defined, then you probably want it to be more tightly defined and formalized. If, on the other hand, it's been too rigid and confining, you feel lonely and even despondent. You might even feel that way if you're unattached. Similarly, you may lose interest in activities and the company of people you once enjoyed, or whose attentions you craved. It's also possible that your tastes and interests have matured and become more sophisticated. Yet, ultimately you must learn to be a better lover and caretaker of yourself and your aesthetics now. You will have to create more ways to delight and appreciate yourself, rather than waiting on others to do it. Otherwise, you can stay in a constant state of disappointment and low self-esteem.

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