Saturn Trine Neptune

Saturn Trine Neptune Natal

You likely have a very practical and meditative appreciation of religion, philosophy, spirituality, and ideals. Perhaps you find it easy to drift into calming and reflective states while doing simple, mundane tasks like washing the dishes. You're not as fascinated by dogma or abstract theories. You're more into experiencing states of consciousness and thought experiments that allow you to enjoy life more, or to reach new plateaus of insight and understanding. You also relish meeting others who share your pared-down sense of philosophy or metaphysics. But it might be difficult for you to connect with people who are more driven by abstract principles and ideas into even loftier aims and pursuits, like enthusiastically ushering the arrival of the Mahdi, the Messiah, or the Workers’ Revolution. You're more content to see how your beliefs make concrete shifts in someone's life now, like supplying them with a meal or a room in which to sleep or bathe.

Saturn Trine Neptune Transit

More clearly, you see ways to put what you believe into simple practice. This likely means that you shelve more of the dogmatic aspects of your beliefs, and hold on to what inspires you to be and do better. You enjoy discovering concrete actions you can perform to make more of your dreams and ideals a reality. Similarly, you might become involved in goodwill or charitable organizations that offer more hands-on help and sustenance. Or you offer more support and cash to friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers for them to fulfill more of their dreams. Yet, it's difficult for you to understand and vibe with people who are rigidly locked into their beliefs from a loftier, more idealistic point of view. They appear to renounce the world as-is, and you perceive yourself as more realistic. That is, you’re content to work with what you can, and ignore what you perceive can't be changed or augmented.

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