Saturn opposite Ascendant

Saturn Opposite Ascendant Natal

In a world of defending champions, you might always feel like the challenger. At your best, this constant positioning (or view of it) forges your will, patience, and determination into a stainless-steel quality and nature. You're tough—and maybe more than a bit cranky at times. Your toughness also makes you reliable. And others can trust you with a great deal, especially if you allow yourself to be governed by fair-minded principles and ideals. Yet, at your worst, you allow life's school of hard knocks to give you a degree in cynicism with honorable mentions in bitterness. Then you'll discover there are fewer and fewer people willing to give you a shot at more as you mature. The world doesn't owe you, but you do, indeed, owe the world as much as you have to offer. The more you offer what's of lasting value, the longer more of you will exist in the world.

Saturn Opposite Ascendant Transit

You might not be or feel like anyone's favorite now. You're at odds with the world, and sometimes those odds seem stacked against you. But you're likely wrong. If you're willing to change your mindset some, you'll see that there are more rooting for you than you might realize. For starters, you must appreciate how far you've come—especially over the last seven years—rather than pining for how far you must go. Similarly, although many like to claim they reached the top on their own, virtually no one has really done this. Work on shoring up your connections with allies. Allow yourself to be the kind of person you would like to befriend, from how you dress to how you treat people, especially people to whom you need not be kind. (Hint: Be kind.) Yet, if there are people, including friends or partners, with whom you can't be your best possible self, then it may be time to cut them loose.

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