Saturn Sextile Mercury

Saturn Sextile Mercury Natal

It’s likely your mind swirls with brilliant inventions and ideas. There are perhaps many you've started or written down. There are fewer you've started and finished, though. That's okay; It would only be worse if you didn't try to work with any of your ideas. And you probably wouldn't do that, since you feel very responsible for your thoughts and flashes of brilliance. Yet, you'd accomplish even more if you realize that you're not just an incubator for ideas in your head. You're also great at fostering concepts, designs, and plans of action with others. Because you balance practicality and clever inventiveness with grace and respect, others often want you to help them increase efficiency and decrease dead-ends. You're also patient enough to keep working on a train of thought, if you sense something will come of it. But sometimes it's hard for you to spot your own dead-ends. Since you tend to keep the channels of communication open, this should be less of a problem for you.

Saturn Sextile Mercury Transit

You have increased powers of concentration and inventiveness. Time to bring back shelved projects, ideas, books, and plans for closer review and possible launch. Or you can enroll in classes, whether live or online, for a more advanced study of subjects that require more focus and organization than you previously had available. It's also good to bounce off ideas with senior execs at your job, or older colleagues and mentors, as they can help you frame and detail your long-term plans. You might also be inspired to reorganize and redecorate parts of your home and office—less for aesthetics and more for practical reasons. What might be difficult for you is juggling multiple jobs and responsibilities at once. You seem to be able to do only one thing at a time well. You will either have to delegate some responsibilities or somewhat reduce your channels of communication and socialization.

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