Saturn Sextile Ascendant

Saturn Sextile Ascendant Natal

Your colleagues, peers, and siblings carry a lot of weight in your life. They have likely either been directly supportive or indirectly influential in how you think about yourself and others. In some ways, you may feel you owe more to your network and peer group than to your parents and older family members. That's not necessarily from a lack of respect, but because you feel more affirmed by people who don't have to love you. And this is where you must be careful. You enjoy the esteem of friends and close relatives, but you perhaps have an unwarranted distrust of those who aren't in that circle. Likewise, you might define your own worth by how you fit with some in-group, rather than appreciating your own worth as-is. It's important to learn how to research beliefs and ideas on your own, rather than relying on the words of buddies and others in your brood.

Saturn Sextile Ascendant Transit

You direct a lot of energy and focus toward being on the inside track with colleagues, associates, or your siblings. If this transit happens before your full-on adulthood, your brothers and sisters might be more influential. But if it happens later in life, then you will likely add more weight to opinions from those in your professional network or in your immediate vicinity, like neighbors. Yet, the overall message is the same: You feel clearer about your opinions if they’re validated by someone else. That leaves you with a very short hop to undervaluing your own thoughts, thinking them to have less weight than others’. Work to keep an open mind, especially to those who are outside your network. It's very possible that you're creating an echo chamber for yourself, and not hearing more of the whole story on issues—or even your own life—from a wider point of view.

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