Neptune Square Neptune

Neptune Square Neptune Transit

You can expect a Neptune square Neptune transit sometime between the ages of 38-43 years old. You're likely faced with a series of "bubbles" bursting with your expectations about life. It is a time of reckoning for all your accrued dreams, visions, and delusions—mainly from the transiting Neptune square to Pluto (see transiting Neptune square Pluto) until now. So now, you're probably faced with a body that doesn't respond as quickly as it used to do. And it's becoming clear that certain dreams might need re-examining because of your circumstances. Likewise, you might have more spiritual "bubble-pops" where you seek more inspiration or higher meaning. Now it's important to shift your focus from what's on the outside and more toward what's inside. Take more pleasure in freely watching your partners, children, or friends live—rather than thinking or feeling that you must, or do, know what's best for them. Striving to become more comfortable with uncertainty is perhaps the most certain thing you can do now.