Neptune Trine Neptune

Neptune Trine Neptune Transit

A Neptune trine Neptune transit is perhaps a much-appreciated boost of inspiration, idealism, and spiritual understanding at midlife (when this transit usually occurs). This is no time to feel old. In fact, you're better able to have wind in your figurative sails to do more with greater clarity and experience behind you. Idealism is what will prevent you from doing only what you know or have experienced. What's more, your idealism is probably fueled less by ignorance or arrogance, as it may have been when you were younger, and more by an open-mindedness to see what happens. Of course, it's best to have a hopefulness with some basis in reality, rather than awaiting the miraculous. But your faith is strong enough now to be open to a miracle as well. Fortunately, you're likely not alone in your thinking. You're inclined to meet people who are also willing to dream and delve into spiritual or abstract life lessons with you.