Neptune Sextile Venus

Neptune Sextile Venus Natal

A Neptune sextile Venus world likely radiates for you with a kind of delight that borders on the divine. You love awakening your senses to whatever seems transcendent, and sharing that pleasure with others—whether it's romantic, sexual, food-related, social, or purely aesthetic. You probably have a very refined appreciation of fashion, beauty, and most forms of art in general. Your inclination toward ecstasy, even with the simplest treats, might lead your life in interesting directions when younger. In a more conservative environment, others might be threatened by how inquisitive and open-minded you are about enjoying yourself. Since your amorous nature seems broad, others might be confused. They might think you're flirting when you're merely being friendly. Or that you're looking for a more engrossing connection when you're merely flirting or enjoying the idea of someone's company. You also have a special way of anticipating and understanding what people will enjoy. This could serve you well in helping and recreational professions.

Neptune Sextile Venus Transit

Your senses, aesthetic taste, and erotic awareness are highly affectable. Colors pop more when Neptune is sextile Venus. Sounds resonate with greater verve. A touch can send shivers through your bones. It's also possible that there's a greater blend between your imagination and the pleasure you experience. That's equally true for your sixth sense. If you have a lover, you perhaps feel more attuned to them than usual. You're as receptive and impressionable to their moods and sensibilities as you are to your own—maybe even more so. On other hand, if you're single, you're possibly seeking to experience more glamor and mystery in your romantic life and pursuits, whether that's the fun of a masquerade or the wondrous magic of a dance with a stranger on the club dance floor. You might also try to be more alluring yourself, by keeping up a veil of intrigue and mystery. Yet, be mindful of the difference between play and ploys that deceive, or make it easy to be deceived.

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