Neptune Trine Uranus

Neptune Trine Uranus Natal

Only one generation before 2051 currently has the free-flowing aspect of Neptune trine Uranus. These people were born in the late 1930s and early 1940s. If you were born then, you're part of a cadre of souls who are likely here to share more compassion with the world and repair the world's shattered idealism. One "gift" of World War II is that it brought to humanity's collective attention that we could either create a better world or destroy our own. You are more inspired by this realization than haunted by it. Advances in technology that help bring the world closer together are particularly alluring to you. You possibly have the same feelings about ideologies and organizations that aspire to do the same. But you must extend your compassion to those who lived through the devastation of the last war, and patience to those who never had to live through the shrinking shadow of it as you did. (Also see Uranus trine Neptune.)

Neptune Trine Uranus Transit

Whether locally or globally, you're perhaps acutely sensitive to the hardship and misery of others. Due to your Neptune trine Uranus transit, you might also be interested in ways to help preserve the natural resources and beauty of the earth in general. You seek to achieve more clarity about any ways you've been deluded or afflicted by mind-altering substances, or any recently-introduced technology that adversely affects the general population. For instance, addressing how many people have become addicted to opioids, social media, or internet porn. You likely want to provide help for others enduring the same. Similarly, you're inclined to be curious about any philosophies and ideologies that espouse greater compassion and insight into the human condition. You might even be surprised how unruffled you are by these abstract or offbeat ideas. Especially when connected with others, you're mostly hopeful to meet the challenge of what looks to some like desperate and challenging times.

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