Neptune Square Pluto

Neptune Square Pluto Natal

No one in the last century has been born with a Neptune square Pluto aspect. These two great planets won't be exactly square again until 2061.

Neptune Square Pluto Transit

If you were born after 1944, then you likely experienced a Neptune square Pluto transit as a teen. Powerful and deep-seated feelings and mystical experiences or interests surface now. If you sense that these feelings and experiences can't be affirmed or appreciated by your family or social circle, then you probably feel a strong need to repress the force of all you feel. On a more mundane level, life just seems weirder than usual. This is mostly true, but the "weirdness" compels you to reframe your own primal passions into a greater sense of purpose and vision for your life. Or put differently, your bubbling internal pressures are pushing you to realize and manifest a worldly dream. You must be bold about this dream, recognizing that it might not fit into the trajectory that you, your parents, or others have for you. Likewise, this worldly dream is more a seed that might bear fruit years from now. It will probably look very different than you envision. But the key components are being cultivated now.

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