Neptune Square Uranus

Neptune Square Uranus Natal

The last generation of people with a Neptune square Uranus natal aspect was born in the mid-fifties. The next crop of those with this exact configuration will be born in the late 2030s and early 2040s. You perhaps struggle to rectify collective visions of the future with the mystical and spiritual traditions of the past. At one extreme, even in your own mind, is a very apocalyptic sense of the world where inhuman forces (natural disaster, the supernatural, aliens, or humanity's own technology) purge and renew Earth of its impurities and sufferings. At another extreme, you can be drawn toward utopian ideas of the world, where technology has finally allowed human beings to vanquish so many of the things that have plagued our history. You're more skeptical about how your current teachers and leaders speak to you about the present. That's because you know that each of us is only as good as how we fertilize the future with seeds from the past, and till them now with inventiveness.

Neptune Square Uranus Transit

Thanks to Neptune square Uranus, your vision and perceptions of the world likely receive a powerful shake-up. And it's very probable that once this veil of reality has been torn away, the new reality will seem to have always been there beneath the surface. This could happen in several different ways. One way is to have a natural mystical experience that surprises you—like having a waking vision for the first time, or someone close to you sharing a secret or sense of the world that blows your mind. Another is to have a drug-stimulated experience that reveals the world in forceful and original ways. Or you experience a breakthrough from a technological innovation that endows you with more freedom and a broader perspective than you've previously known. Any or all of these experiences can be earth-shattering for you. Treat yourself with caution, as the shock to your system of living requires time to process everything. You will eventually find others who can help you cope better with what you've experienced.

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