Neptune Sextile Mercury

Neptune Sextile Mercury Natal

Even if you never write or have written poetry, you're likely poetic if you have Neptune sextile Mercury. You just have a natural appreciation for ambiguous and cryptic ways of experiencing life and expressing yourself. Many will be intrigued by your way of thinking and speaking. It's partly because you seem to rise above mundane preoccupations and descriptions. You often have a facility with abstract concepts and principles, whether that's astrology, higher mathematics, intuitive perceptions, or understanding symbols. You're not necessarily interested in making too much fuss over those talents, though. What you enjoy more is exploring your curiosities about imaginative, mysterious topics in conversation or casual study. If pressed to dive more deeply into an insight or understand a mysterious experience, you likely resist any ensuing emotional complications. Rather, you attend to something else that’s less engrossing. You probably have a similar reaction when prompted to explain an offhand, vague comment you’ve made. You can love the poetic feel of words more than the meaning of them.

Neptune Sextile Mercury Transit

With Neptune sextile Mercury, words, explanations, and descriptions might all seem inadequate toward capturing the sublime impressions and stirrings you feel. Yet, you enjoy the thrill of trying to do so. If you're creative, like an artist or writer, you have a great amount of fodder for projects, collaborations, and discussions. Even if you're not normally creative, you're more inspired than usual to indulge your imagination and be stimulated by what is inspirational, spiritual, or poetic. You're perhaps more intrigued by questions and curiosities than trying to nail down the answers. There are lots of mysterious things to discuss and explore. Much of what you sense, you probably won't be able to make sense of on your own. But as you encounter others with similar feelings and desires, you're liable to build up better ways of defining what only seems vague now. You'll have to persist by staying attuned to the pleasure of seeking clarity, rather than believing it should be immediately within your grasp.

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