Neptune Trine Midheaven

Neptune Trine Midheaven Natal

With Neptune trine Midheaven in the sky, you tend not to worry about whether you have enough resources or skills to accomplish your higher goals and aspirations. You trust that your intuition will lead you where you need to go for help or support. Or that things will come together as necessary, when the moment is right. And you're not entirely wrong. Quite often, these things happen as you believe—sometimes to the dismay and awe of those around you. But perhaps it's better to understand why, rather than believing that you're singularly marked by divine providence. Your greatest strength is that you truly hold faith in your fellow human being as your greatest resource. Your genuine goodwill can dispose others toward demonstrating their own goodness and benevolence toward you. Yet, that is different from expecting others to catch you when you haven't done any work to manifest your dreams. Then, you're likely to draw their hostility and ill-will instead.

Neptune Trine Midheaven Transit

You likely feel supported, with your Neptune trine Midheaven transit, and freed from concern about whether you have the resources or skills to accomplish career goals and pursuits. Of course, there is a chance of delusion with this. You might believe you have more at your disposal than you have, or strive for a position for which you're woefully underqualified. But another facet of this transit is allowing inspiration to lift you above all your mundane fears, especially if you have indeed done the work to accomplish what you seek to do. You probably have more people willing to help you than you realize, especially if you've been generous and compassionate toward others. Surrendering control of every little element and fret lets more of life's mysteries or divinities to work through and for you. Perhaps the belief that you alone must have all your "ducks in a row" before leaping ahead is what's held you back the longest.

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